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University of Guelph

Guelph Sexuality Conference

ROZANSKI HALL  |  JUNE 20-21, 2019

2018 Call for Proposals

Karen Blair speaks to delegates at the 2017 Guelph Sexuality Conference in Rozanski Hall

The Guelph Sexuality Conference welcomes you to be a part of our 40th year by submitting your proposal for our June 13 - 15, 2018 gathering

The Guelph Sexuality Conference is recognized as Canada's leading, annual training and education forum for sexual health professionals. Each year, we are joined by practitioners, researchers, and community members such as medical and public health professionals, community service providers, health and sexuality educators, teachers, therapists, counselors, clergy, nurses, and doctors. We invite anyone interested in sexual health and wellbeing to participate in the conference and we look forward to continuing to support, train, and build networks with sexual health professionals and researchers.

This year our theme is Innovations in Sexual Health and Wellbeing

In the last few years there have been extraordinary advancements and discoveries in our understanding of sexual health, sexual wellbeing, sexuality, and relationships. Population-based approaches (some of which have long existed) are also surfacing new trends, innovative methods of engagement, and community-specific best practices. Innovations come in all shapes and sizes. They affect the work we do, the research we conduct, the art we create, the outreach we employ, and the theories we construct. Innovations occur at systemic, individual, and professional levels. Innovations challenge us to change, adapt, learn and sometimes resist. For some, innovation is a positive advancement; for others, innovation is threatening. There are new medications, research approaches, treatment techniques, and ways of engaging with and counselling others. Additionally, there are new and reemerging ways of thinking about sexual health and wellbeing that are influencing contemporary practices.

During this conference we seek to explore recent innovations in any of the following streams:

  • Applied practice
  • Decolonizing sex and sexuality
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Research
  • STI education and treatment
  • Social Justice

In addition, we plan to explore the implications of these innovations in our lives, our work, and our communities. We embrace and encourage a wide interpretation of innovations in sexual health and wellbeing to represent the diverse spectrum of human experience and knowledge represented in our work, research, outreach, and theory building.

Submit Your Proposal

We are seeking submission for proposals for concurrent sessions and research briefs around our theme of Innovations in Sexual Health and Wellbeing. Submissions may fit one, or multiple of the conference streams.

We are proud to continue our dedication to collaboratively building an anti-oppressive conference space grounded in respect for blending scientific and grassroots facets of creating and sharing knowledge. Your research, work, art, outreach, and theory building are the roots of this event.

Your proposal can take the form of a:

  • Skill building workshop
  • Presentation of a program, service or intervention
  • Personal development for delegates
  • Original research
  • Arts-based creative, hands-on or participatory session

There are three presentation formats:

  • Concurrent Sessions
  • Research Briefs
  • Research Bursts

Concurrent Sessions

There will be up to 30 concurrent sessions available. Concurrent sessions are 75 minutes in length. On Thursday afternoon we will be considering skill building workshops that extend over two concurrent sessions.

Research Briefs

Research briefs offer researchers an opportunity to present their final research results. Your research must be completed at the time of the conference. Each research brief will be provided with 25 minutes (15 minute presentation with 10 minutes of discussion) within a 75 minute session. Research Briefs are schedule on both days of the conference.

Research Bursts

Research Bursts offer researches a unique opportunity to present current research, work in progress, or aspects of an educational program in a visual format. Each research brief will be provided with 10 minutes (5 minute presentation with 5 minutes of discussion) within a 75 minute session. We are looking for dynamic, innovative, and concise presentations that engage the audience. Presenters should prepare a handout for delegates. Slides must be submitted by June 1, 2018 to allow for pre-loading prior to the conference.

Complete the online Call for Proposal form

Deadline for Submission of Proposals is Monday, January 15, 2018

Please note that if you proposal is accepted you must register for the conference and pay the special speaker registration fees by Friday, May 11, 2018. You are responsible for your own travel and accommodation expenses.

Continue to our online Call for Proposal submission form.

Submit your proposal