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University of Guelph

Guelph Sexuality Conference

ROZANSKI HALL  |  JUNE 20-21, 2019


You may be interested in one of our sexual health training courses.



An intensive five (5) day classroom-based program that provides specialized training in sex counselling and therapy. This course examines sexual issues and clinical interventions from a life span perspective.  The program provides basic and intermediate assessment skills, theoretical models, information and materials for sex therapy intervention with a range of clients.  It is designed to meet professional accreditation core competencies (i.e. AAMFT, AASECT) by providing participants with a foundation in sexual issues and clinical intervention.  



A 12 week online course for health and wellness professionals who are seeking advanced practical knowledge for in-depth work with diverse clinical considerations and client populations.  This course examines advanced topics in sexuality and focuses on applied interventions and outreach techniques.   You will finish this course with your own customized portfolio or toolkit of therapeutic activities tailored to your own (current or future) clients and patients, that can be used right away.



Stay Tune For 2019 Details!


A community workshop held on campus at the University of Guelph prior to the start of the Guelph Sexuality Conference.

Wednesday, June 14, 2018
University of Guelph
Rozanski Hall

RM 105

Registration Fees: $50.00

Each year we present an emerging topic of interest for community members and conference delegates.This years topic is:

Pleasure is For Every Body: An Exploration of Sex and Disability for Care Providers

Presented by Kaleigh Trace and Thyra Calvert

For many of us, accessing sexual pleasure can be complicated. Figuring out what we like and how we like it takes time and practice.  These sometimes confounding learning experiences are especially pronounced for those of us who have disabilities. People with disabilities have to navigate external pressures (ableist ideas about our bodies and sexuality) as well as internal differences (such as limited mobility and chronic pain) that can sometimes make accessing our sexuality feel nearly impossible. 
This training has two intentions : to explore the barriers that people with disabilities face in accessing sexual pleasure and autonomy, and to suggest ways that healthcare providers can help in dismantling these barriers. Participants will leave with practical tools to aid them in discussing sexuality with their clients, as well as an increased knowledge about physical positioning, adaptive technology and sex toys that can improve the lives of people with disabilities. 
Please note: Disability is a wide and beautiful spectrum. While many of the tools and knowledge conveyed in this training may be applicable to folks living with a range of disabilities, this session will focus specifically on people living with physical disabilities.