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Past Conference Themes

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The Guelph Sexuality Conference is recognized as Canada's leading, annual training and education forum for sexual health professionals. The Conference is attended by professionals, practitioners and researchers including medical and public health professionals, community service providers, health and sexuality educators, teachers, therapists, counselors, clergy, nurses, and doctors.

Our 2020 program schedule will be coming together in the upcoming months. In the meantime you can see our past conference programs.

41st Annual Guelph Sexuality Conference
June 20-21, 2019
Theme: "Redefining Relationships and Sexual Health"


40th Annual Guelph Sexuality Conference
June 13-15, 2018
Theme: "Innovations in Sexual Health and Wellbeing"

During the last 40 years, we have had thousands of practitioners, educators, researchers, students and community members join us to share their knowledge and experiences.  We have built a community connected by shared interests and passions for improving lives and relationships.  Our understanding of sexuality is constantly evolving.  We are witnessing and requiring new innovations to address this evolution.  We see broad advancements and changes in technology, public health, medicine, activism, art, theory and research as these relate to sexuality, relationships and sex.  

40th Annual Guelph Sexuality Conference Program (PDF)

39th Annual Guelph Sexuality Conference
June 22 & 23, 2017
Theme: "PAIN"

Pain is one of the most unifying and universal of human conditions. Be it physical, emotional, or psychic, pain intensifies many of our experiences and makes them remarkable. Pain is often misunderstood to be solely negative. As much as pain can be a barrier, a warning signal, or a remnant of trauma, for many it is also a source of pleasure, a site of empowerment, and a catalyst for transcendence.  At this year's conference, we embrace a wide interpretation of pain to represent the diverse spectrum of human experiences.

 39th Annual Guelph Sexuality Conference Program (PDF)